In the heart of London, two significant events are set to captivate the gaming industry in February 2024. ICE London (International Casino Exhibition) and LAC London (London Affiliate Conference) are gearing up for an exciting showcase of innovations, networking opportunities, and industry insights. Let’s delve into the details of these two events set to take place at ExCeL London.

ICE London

ICE London: Dates: 6-8 February 2024

ICE London stands as a premier international gathering for the gaming sector. From casino operators to regulatory bodies, this event is a melting pot of industry professionals. With a focus on both online and land-based gaming, ICE London showcases cutting-edge technologies, new products, and trends shaping the future of the gaming landscape.

LAC London

LAC London: Dates: 6-9 February 2024

While ICE London caters to a broad spectrum, LAC London also know as iGB Affiliates zooms in on the world of affiliates in online gaming. The London Affiliate Conference is a hub for affiliate marketers, operators, and stakeholders. Overlapping with ICE London, LAC London extends the dialogue to affiliate marketing strategies, collaboration opportunities, and the ever-evolving realm of online gaming.

Synergy at Excel

With both events coinciding at Excel, attendees have the unique opportunity to explore the synergy between the broader gaming industry and the dynamic realm of online affiliates. The strategic scheduling of ICE London and LAC London allows for a seamless exchange of ideas, fostering connections across different segments of the gaming ecosystem.

Conclusion: ICE London and LAC London

ICE London and LAC London 2024 promise an immersive experience for gaming enthusiasts, professionals, and affiliates alike. With Excel as the backdrop, these events offer a comprehensive view of the gaming industry’s present and future. Save the dates, explore the exhibitions, and be part of the unfolding narrative that defines the dynamic landscape of gaming.

Frequent Asked Questions FAQ: ICE London and LAC London 2024

What is ICE London, and who is it for?

ICE London is the International Casino Exhibition, a global event for the gaming industry. It caters to casino operators, suppliers, and regulators.

What distinguishes LAC London from ICE London?

LAC London, or the London Affiliate Conference, focuses on online gaming affiliates. It provides a platform for affiliate marketers, operators, and stakeholders.

When and where do these events take place?

ICE London is scheduled for 6-8 February 2024, and LAC London overlaps from 6-9 February 2024. Both events are hosted at Excel in London.

Can I attend both ICE London and LAC London with a single registration?

No, ICE London and LAC London require separate registrations. However, their strategic scheduling allows attendees to explore both events during the overlapping period.

What can I expect to find at ICE London?

ICE London showcases a broad spectrum of gaming, covering online and land-based sectors. Attendees can explore the latest technologies, products, and industry trends.

Is LAC London only for affiliates, or can other gaming professionals attend?

LAC London primarily caters to affiliate marketers, but it welcomes professionals from various gaming sectors. It provides valuable insights into affiliate marketing strategies.

How can I stay updated on event details and announcements?

Stay informed by visiting the official websites of ICE London and LAC London. Follow their social media channels for real-time updates and announcements leading up to the events.

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